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Optimal for construction, purchase and modernization; Real estate loan comparison saves money. Real estate loans are used to finance residential real estate or renovations. A real estate loan is often the only way to fulfill the dream of owning your own home. In addition to the simplified credit guidelines for the real estate lending business, this online real estate loan also makes it much easier for you to finance your property, especially because you do not need equity capital. When talking about a suitable loan used in real estate financing, most consumers will probably immediately remember the real estate loan.

Real estate loan: Who is responsible after the spin-off?

Real estate loan: Who is responsible after the spin-off?

If spouses sign an agreement together, they are also jointly and severally liable. In the subsequent case, the Brandenburg State Court ruled: The couple took out a bank loan to rebuild the building. They parted and the young lady left the previously inhabited village. He lived alone in the house.

He still pays the tranches to the house bank to repay the loan. Now the man demands compensation from the lady for the part payments she has made. The judge decided in favor of the wife: she does not have to repay her husband. In the opinion of the court, the loan was concluded exclusively for the benefit of man.

The funds were finally used only for the reconstruction of his building and after the division, he remained alone in the house. Therefore, the liabilities to the house bank must be paid by the man alone. In the example above, the person involved signed the loan. Both the man and the lady are liable to the house bank.

It is open to the house bank, from which of the two spouses she demands the payout. The same applies to the separation. However, if the man provides all services under his own power, he has in the internal relationship a claim to performance against his wife (so-called compensation in the internal relationship). In principle, therefore, he can ask half of the wife for deductions made.

Split real estate loan

Split real estate loan

Hello, I bought 5 apartments (under one roof) about 8 years ago and had to borrow 300.000 USD from the house bank. Since 2004 I carry out the financing of the apartments through my income and rent. In one of these 5 apartments I live with my host family and the other 4 were rented.

So I have an income of 3200.00 USD. For the 5 apartments I pay about 1600 USD interest and 700 USD in advance. Otherwise, of course, I have to pay every day for electricity, money, telephone, insurance, etc. and for 300.00 per year. So I have to over 2850.00 every day? spend per week.

Of the 3200.00 I have only 350.00 to 400 USD per year. Of course, the salary is not enough for the household and therefore I would like to transfer 3 of the apartments along with the credit to my 3 guys, but how can you clarify that? Each apartment is to be handed over with 65,000 USD to the little ones, so I still have 100,000 USD credit for me.

The payout of credits continues to be common, except that instead of me my children pay off their own shares for the CREDIT.


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