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Redemption of the real estate loan

Replace the real estate loan. Whether financial problems, sales through relocation, separation or death – if a financed property must be prematurely triggered at the bank, it is not always easy. Withdrawal from an ongoing real estate loan without a sale.

You want to get out of a current real estate loan, term loan or follow-up financing, but you do not want to sell your property? Real estate loans are always large sums – the terms of the contracts are correspondingly long. If the fixed-interest period for the real estate loan is about to expire, the credit can also be deducted at one go in order to reduce the loan amount for follow-up financing.

Redemption of the real estate loan

Redemption of the real estate loan

For example, last Friday, with the entry into force of the Residential Credit Directive last Friday, the so-called Residential Property Loan last week, the legislator denied citizens the right to an indelible mark. Until 2016, borrowers were able to fulfill their existing contracts. Hardly any homeowner knows, however, that after the reporting date of 2010 concluded loan agreements in the millions can still be revoked.

Consumer protection organizations assume that about 50 percentage points of these contracts contain a lack of contradictory information and can, therefore, contribute to an unsuccessful contradiction.

So you have the chance to save a lot of interest money and to replace your previous, expensive real estate loans at the current most favorable conditions. The same applies to already terminated contracts for which a prepayment penalty has been paid.

If you have entered into a loan agreement

If you have entered into a loan agreement

After the cut-off date of May 11, 2010, or have already terminated a previous loan agreement without success, please contact us. Your credit agreement with our cooperation partners, we check for free on the possibility of an unsuccessful objection.

As real estate owners, you can restructure installment loans at low-interest rates while meeting your needs.

If you still have an expensive real estate loan from the past or an installment loan with a higher interest rate, a replacement loan can now pay off for you with a new real estate loan. In this way, you can reduce your interest burden considerably and at the same time get a better overview through the short version. As the owner of a property, you can easily replace your loan application with a VIP credit and thus benefit from the low-interest rate phase.

Even if you want to combine several loans to a new real estate loan, we make this possible for you.

Real estate loans


As a special form of credit agreements, usually, in the form of consumer credit agreements, real estate loans, including mortgage or mortgage credit or mortgage or low-capital loans apply. They are characterized by the fact that they are associated with large sums of money, that the interest can be fixed for a certain period of time, and that certainly must be provided in the form of mortgages.

Real estate loans are mainly annuities. The annuity is the constant annual interest rate for a bond. The loan is almost always secured by a mortgage. As a rule, this land charge is registered for the object to be acquired. For the credit institutions, the security of a mortgage is usually cheaper, since the mortgage is negotiable and not as an accessory.

As a result, the mortgage – in contrast to the loan – remains in full when the borrower repays the loan. For reasons of predictability, the interest is usually determined over a certain period of time, eg five, ten or fifteen years. With high-interest rates, it is better for a client to be brief on the fixed interest rate.

Loan agreements for mortgage lending have a very long useful life. The customer may terminate the loan relationship at any time after ten years from receipt of the full loan amount unless a shortened commitment period has been negotiated. Example: On 01.09.1995 owner V concludes a loan agreement with his house bank B for a building loan. The contract runs until 31 August 2020, with a fixed interest rate of 20 years.


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